Smart Lifestyles

Our Smart Lifestyles offering includes:

Home operating system:

Our solution is a fully integrated smart home operating system (OS). A software that gives you a home that works for your life!

The software powers your Whole Home – removing the need for separate apps to control the curtains, security, gate, lights, doorbell, pump or sprinklers.

Smart lighting systems: For seamless control of light in a home. Our solution brings together the best in class dimming technology, window coverings and fixtures to create beautiful light throughout the home.

Automated curtains Solutions: Quiet automated curtains that work at the touch of a button or through a personalized schedule. The automated curtain solutions feature an expertly curated fabric collection to coordinate with your interior design. We can also work with the clients’ choice of fabric to achieve the automated curtains solution. 

Curtain Fabrics for automated curtain solutions: We source our fabric from Lutron, to provide fabrics for all curtain styles. This gives high performance curtains the beautiful and functional fabrics they deserve.