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Smart Lifestyles

Our Smart Lifestyle solution lets smart homes/ buildings connect various components, e.g. lighting, security, heating, ventilation, etc. in an integrated, dynamic and functional way. This makes the home/ building fulfil its mission to provide shelter while minimizing energy costs and improving the performance of our surroundings.

Interior Design

Our Interior design helps to create for you a living space that is functional and appealing.  We design so to have an impact on your well-being and health. We produce designs that ensure efficient use of space while saving costs.

Interior design

Architectural Design

At Wanda Synergy, we produce modern and contemporary designs. We factor in functionality and budgets. Our creativity infuses youth, balanced with experience. our designs observe green forms and modes of construction, in tune with mother nature. We have experience in designing;

Construction Management

At Wanda Synergy, we believe that the quality of spaces must respond to humanistic needs. And the environment we create must be a place of pride and lasting joy for you. We keep up with the trends in technology available to the construction industry. Our workmanship keeps you falling in love with your space, making you an envy of others.

To achieve this, we design buildings that use:

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