Wandera, is a strong young man at one of our construction sites and is also a delegate at the Men’s conference. Very well built, his biceps look like he has stuffed a melon in each of his arms, his chest looks like he is smuggling pumpkins and his jaws, of course, look like he can pop coconuts into his mouth and eat them like groundnuts. We are pretty sure if he slaps a rhino, the rhino will feel pain and start crying and go to shtaki him to its mom ‘Mami nimewashwa slap kama Shebesh’. Infact, he has to be very careful when kneading lumps of ugali when eating because it is rumoured that there is once during a lunch time meal, he squeezed a lump of ugali so hard that he separated the water and the flour.

Anyway, so one day we go for a site inspection and we get him bragging that he can out-do anyone in any feat of show of strength. He made a special case of making fun of Wambua, one of the older workmen with a heavy accent of his native land in Kitui. Wambua’s version of torture would be asking him to say ‘Proliferation’ …floppy…. Ploffy…polif….follip…. ahhh niyanzinda! Ne yaemwa!

During lunch break after several minutes of Wandera chest thumping, Wambua had enough and steps up to him holding his wheelbarrow; ‘Wewe Wandela, mimi naweza mbet naweza mbeba kitu kwa hii wheelmballow mpaka ile venz na wewe huwezi imbeba ulundishe apa’. There were giggles around from the construction workers and even we wanted to see how this old man was going to out-do Iron Man Wandera in hauling something heavy back from the fence. ‘Wekelea ngili moya’. Wondering how daring the old man was, Wandera agreed to bet one thousand bob. The contest was on.

Wambua then looked at this young stud and told him ‘Sawa, sasa panda wheelmballow nikumbembe’. We were all on the floor.

The moral of the story is that in any field, someone with experience sees further than a novice. In construction, most of us are novices. If we decide that we will become jacks of all trades, we end up being masters of none. Avoid getting advice from every Tom, Dick and Harry at the Men’s conference.

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