1. Ensure you use internet plans from sources outside the tropics. Take time and get plans from companies from countries like the United States and Canada and implement them as is. Why should you pay a local architect when the plans are free on the internet? Don’t waste money on contextual professionals. That money you save can be used to buy extra bags of cement.
  2. Delete and block all Quantity Surveyors you know. A developer must build by faith and not by sight. Do not cost plan. Just believe the good work that has been started shall be completed. Cost planning is for sissies and people who lack faith. Biguni Hawaediiiii!
  3. Take as many shortcuts as possible. You all know that by the time an Engineer gives you structural drawings, he or she has incorporated a factor of safety, meaning the designed structural member can withstand more forces that are designed for. It does not hurt to compromise on concrete mixes, most buildings in the region compromise anyway. Why should you be any different? Also don’t waste time doing cube tests for your concrete. That is money that you can add to buy nails.
  4. Ensure that you follow advice from Keyboard warriors in the big construction Facebook groups. These groups are filled with hundreds of thousands of well-versed quacks and developers.
  5. Once you get drawings from your architect and Engineers block them and delete their numbers from your phone book. Supervision by consultants is irrelevant, overrated, and unnecessary. Your fundi is well versed with construction processes and good design. Listen to your fundi for all your consultations.
  6. Use reject materials to save on costs. Good grade materials are overrated and expensive for nothing. Use as much substandard material as possible to save money. Good quality construction projects are vanity and this world is not our home anyway.
  7. Devise ways and means to short-change your contractor/fundi. We all know contractors make at least 80% profit in projects. Ensure you tap into this profits by conning them and coming up with stories of why you will not pay them. Ensure your payments are delayed and ensure they are not motivated.
  8. Once you start your construction, do as many alterations as possible. Nothing is cast in stone. Change your design every day when you get to the site and tell your contractor you are increasing the size of your construction project so that you can save on costs.
  9. Ensure you sneak in changes and alterations to your design and NEVER inform your consultants. If you see your neighbor has done something you feel is interesting, throw your designs off the window and start designing on the site. Never be held captive to your initial thoughts.
  10. Listen to everyone and everything you are told by everybody you meet MUST be implemented in your project. There is nobody with a monopoly of knowledge. Every idea you see, ensure you have implemented it in your construction project.