Reinforced Concrete slabs provide Support of dead and live loads; dead loads being all permanent components of a building including walls, beams, columns, flooring material etc. and live loads being cars, furniture, trolleys, earth movements, humans, slay queens, vegetarians and politicians. There are various types of slabs. We shall group these slabs into two;

  1. Ground floor slabs
  2. Suspended floor slabs.


These are the slabs that are cast on the earth surface. They include;

  1. Solid ground floor slabs
  2. Stiffened Raft Slabs
  3. Waffle Raft Slabs


These we will discuss at a later date.



This is the one that is more complicated than love and marketers are having a field day with you guys telling you how a certain type is 30% cheaper.

Varying conditions and stipulations ask for the selection of appropriate and cost effective suspended concrete slabs keeping in view the type of building, architectural layouts, aesthetic features and the Span.


Slabs may be one way or two-way spanning slabs. When the ratio of length:width is greater than 2. The slab is one way.

For example;

  • One way Slab – 3.0m by 6.5m room
  • Two-way Slab – 3.0m by 3.0m room

List of a few suspended slabs types;

  1. a) Solid Slabs
  2. b) Ribbed Slabs
  3. c) Flat Slabs
  4. d) Precast Slabs
  5. e) Composite Slabs