1. Toilet roll holder position – Does someone have to stand up to grab the tissue to wipe their buns? Does the shower water splash/sprinkle on your tissue make it become papier marche?
  2. Wash hand basin at dining room – Text book mistake to most builders. Most people have little basin manners and will subconsciously gurgle and spit and most basins put at dining areas are unfortunately an eyesore. Put a common basin tucked away probably near the common WC. It’s never that far.
  3. Headboards on windows – Explain to your architect exactly how many beds you want per room. A room with 2 beds and one with 1 bed has totally different window arrangements.
  4. Centralized doors in large rooms – Have openings next to a wall (at the ‘end’ of a room) so that circulation paths are easier to create when you introduce furniture. Put an opening at the center of a room and you paralyze its functionality and potential.
  5. Downpipes – Most downpipes and gutters are like a booger/dried makamasi chunk on your date’s nose. The date may look nice but you will focus on the booger for 99% of your date. If you know you know. Plan early, if you can, conceal them if you want to collect water or use ornamental non-intrusive chains.
  6. Multi-colored lighting – Treat your lighting like your dressing. Don’t scream, be subtle.
  7. Gypsum ceiling and wall moldings – Big cancer in this country. Overly ornate mouldings and bulkheads reek of effort, which is an arch enemy of good design.
  8. Height of TV mounts – Most of us are still stuck in the past, we recall our rich uncle’s house with a TV high up on a cabinet. So, we follow in their footsteps. Science tells us for back and eye comfort, a TV should be at the level you have sat. Defy science at your own peril.
  9. Small windows – Long time ago in the 80s and early 90s there was a fashion of drinking a soda from the side of your mouth and you would get a plus size human saying how wanakunywa krest because the ‘lemons’ in there make one lose weight. If you say or believe small windows increase security, you and the krest drinkers for weight loss are in the same WhatsApp.
  10. Avoiding consultants – It is cheaper to follow the law and due procedures. 99% of projects with disputes have gross shortcuts, no enforceable contracts, vague specifications and …bad backward designs. These are the only consultants recognized by Kenya’s legal framework, take a short cut and you are on your own. If you gamble, you will crumble.